Australia's challenge

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation was created to tackle Australia’s tough social challenges. After three years of hands-on work developing solutions, we’re now widening our scope and providing new kinds of support to NGOs, governments and businesses who, like us, want to see Australia thrive.

Too many people in Australia are barely getting by.

Family breakdown, child abuse and neglect, carer stress, chronic disease, and social inequality affect millions of people. And despite the best efforts of policy makers, services and community organisations, these tough social problems have not shifted for many years.

At The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, we want to see more people in Australia thriving – not just surviving. 

Since 2009 we’ve been working with families, people in caring situations, and Indigenous Australians to find new and better problem solving methods and social solutions.

Our flagship solution, Family by Family, was co-designed with families, is delivered by families, and is now expanding across Australia. An unprecedented 90% of families that participate reach their goals.

And while the change in their lives is more than worth the cost of the program, every $1 invested is also saving the community $7 by keeping kids out of state care. 

Doing things differently is not only possible, it works.

At the heart of our approach is a belief that game-changing solutions won’t come unprompted from communities, and they won’t come from professionals working in silos. We believe that real innovation happens when we all work together, building upon each others’ strengths to create something radically different.

We want you to join us. 

TACSI's Focus

There are three ways you can help us create an Australia where more people thrive.

  1. Spread new, radical social solutions across Australia – by partnering with us to develop and scale groundbreaking programs. More
  2. Build your social problem-solving capability by exploring, adapting and spreading new methods of shifting tough social problems. More
  3. Connect with social problem solvers around Australia  by sharing what works and celebrating social innovation. More

what we believe in

» THRIVING lives ...

 ... not just 'getting by'

We want to help people live great lives. We believe they deserve to do more than simply make it through a crisis: they deserve to thrive.


... rather than doing to

The best way to create solutions that really work for people is to develop solutions directly with those people, in their own context. Read more about our approach.

» mixing disciplines ...

... no single profession has the answer

We take the best of a range of disciplines and sectors to find new ways to solve problems. We're always learning from one another and exploring new methods.


... realising the potential within communities

We've found time and again that the resilience and experience within our communities is the greatest resource we have. We want to unlock and harness that potential in a way that changes lives for good.

» Wide-reaching impact ...

... clear outcomes on a local and global scale

We design our solutions so they can grow. We believe things that work should be spread.


TACSI was founded with seed funding from the South Australian Government. We're based in Adelaide but work across Australia. We're not a government agency, a think tank, an academic institution, or a charity. We see ourselves as a laboratory that develops new approaches and solutions, and then spreads them across Australia.

Over three years, TACSI has built an interdisciplinary team that blends expertise in design, social science, community development, business and social work.

Together we've developed solutions with and for families, older people and carers and we've come up with a problem solving approach we are eager to share.

Our first social start-up Family by Family won a NAPCAN award for innovation in child protection and an Australian International Design Award for service design. We're now prototyping our second and third.


Download a pocket-sized guide to TACSI here.