Activating Social Health

We want to put the social back into healthcare, by building people-powered systems of wellness.

We are designing a health system that focuses on wellness as much as illness. It has people at its centre, not just as ‘patients’ but as agents, carers and workers – shaping the health and wellbeing of their communities.

We are helping local communities do something radical – design, test and implement policies and programs that can create fulfilling, healthy lives on their terms.


Growing co-design capability

We’re working with a government department in Victoria to grow the mental health workforces ability to co-design with consumers and carers.

Through practical skill building and project coaching, we’re creating opportunities for consumers and carers to play a greater role in the decisions that shape and affect their lives.

Commissioning better outcomes

We’re helping one of South Australia’s philanthropic organisations to understand health priorities across the state to strengthen commissioning.

To do that, we’re combining an understanding of existing research, the perspectives of those working within the health system, as well as the experiences of health consumers to discover opportunities to radically increase wellness in South Australia.

Increasing social connectedness

Loneliness has dramatic health effects (as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day), even for those who don’t feel lonely. While many people are worried about loneliness, they don’t always have the social skills or urgency to increase their social connections.

We’re testing a range of approaches that prevent and reduce social isolation among high risk groups. Within our current work, we’re focusing on older adults.