Disrupting disadvantage

We want families and communities to thrive across generations – by disrupting disadvantage and accelerating opportunity.

We advocate a bold rethink of the way child protection and family services are integrated with education, employment and regional development. We believe approaches that take an intergenerational perspective could give families the best chance to escape cycles of disadvantage – and thrive together.



Co-parenthood is a new approach to foster care where carers support parents and children to live safely together, build social capital and break intergenerational cycles of engagement with the child protection system.

The trauma and evidence informed model was co-designed with foster parents, children, birth parents and practitioners and is currently being trialled with MacKillop Family Services in Blacktown, NSW.

Aboriginal-led justice reform

Currently Aboriginal young people and adults are over represented in the criminal justice system – often for much less severe offences than their non-Aboriginal counterparts.

We’re working alongside the Koori Justice Unit and the Koori Caucus in Victoria to further self-determination and Aboriginal-led justice reform.

We’re supporting the prototyping of five key initiatives within community and across the justice continuum that aim to prevent entry into the justice system, for good.

Developing positive pathways with the South Sudanese community

We’re conducting co-design research and prototyping with the South Sudanese community of Western Metropolitan Melbourne to identify critical barriers living good lives in Australia.

Together we’re developing sustainable, community-led solutions that foster positive pathways across life transition points.

Creating systems of citizen-led accountability

We’re helping practitioners and policy-makers to understand the experiences of families experiencing violence and to act on their needs and preferences.

We’re equipping government to determine practice and reform for intergenerational outcomes based on real-time access to client feedback on service experiences.

Scaling effective practice

Innovation always exists in government systems, it’s just often hiding.

In NSW we’re helping government identify, optimise and spread exceptional practice that works. We’ve developed tools to support the adoption, application and scale of practice that shifts intergenerational outcomes – in Aboriginal communities and through safe restoration.

Transitions from Out of Home Care

Many young people leaving care experience homelessness, lack of employment and parenthood shortly after turning 18.

In South Australia we’re working with young people in care and care leavers to co-design transitions that set young people up to thrive and participate in society socially and economically.