Partnering with us

We believe collectively we can experiment, learn and influence for better policy, services and how communities behave.

Our offer is to faciliate collaboration for action.

Through action we can demonstrate alternatives to current market and industry drivers and how the outcome of ‘home’ can be delivered through mainstream markets.

We are committed to learning through experimenting alongside people and progressing what we believe to be the new national debate.

The new debate

Housing affordability, homelessness and aged care availability are well debated issues. We want to extend these debates to focus on new ways to create and increase access to “home” as we age.

  • Home continuum no longer exists – recognition that home needs to be considered differently than crisis focus, and also the changing nature of how it all fits together and the issues around transitions
  • Home ownership – how do we make it more accessible, reduce entry barriers, costs of entry and embedded taxes, and build models that support lower (but regular income) individuals and families to make the transition to home ownership
  • Private rental – how can we ensure that there is sufficient available rental for the increasing number of people who can’t transition to home ownership and will be more permanently renting (to cover an anticipated deficit in social housing, or eligibility)
  • Good Homes for later life – we hear from people s they age that they fear aged care, but what is replacing it?What will retirement villages and aged care of the future look like?
  • Increased density and home amenity in our neighbourhoods – how are we reconciling the conflicting drive for increased neighbourhood density, with the desire for good community and neighbourhoods?

What now?

There is no simple process, nor should we expect there to be. However, through organised collaboration we believe we can collectively experiment, learn and influence for better policy and innovation across products, services and how our communities behave.

We are seeking:

  1. Older people to be the drivers. The opportunity for older people to develop their thinking, create their voice, partner in the design of what they want intheir concept of home as they age.
  2. A new national debate. Shifting from reactive narratives like housing affordability, supply and aged
    care availability, to debates that focus on how we might create new possibilities for access to ‘home’.
  3. National joint ventures. Individuals, organisations and businesses partnering with us and each other to explore, develop and scale feasible options for the future.
  4. Demonstration in communities. Putting new ideas for home options into practice in communities and showing that they can work sustainably.