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What We've Learned

Home as we age. Shifting the current narrative.

Partnering with government, housing stakeholders and people as they age, we are continuing to explore and experiment with new solutions around these 5 major themes:

  • Better ways to own
  • Liveable neighbourhoods
  • Co-Living and Co-care
  • Rental security
  • Adaptable Social Housing

Better ways to own

Creating more inclusive, accessible and sustainable models of home ownership in later life. Our priorities include:

  • Addressing assumption of home ownership – creating awareness of the implications for care in home, using home equity to age in place and impact of ongoing mortgages for older people’s ability to age well
  • Removing barriers to home ownership – working with housing authorities and state governments to address financial, planning, taxation and other barriers to entry to home ownership
  • Shared equity models for older women – targeted modelling meeting needs of older women with limited capacity to purchase a home on their own
  • Achieving ‘home’ in retirement villages and aged care – re-designing and shifting management models to achieve a good  “home” for later life and higher needs


  • Shared Equity for Older Women –  government supported low cost home ownership model tested and evolved through co-design between older women, government and mortgage lender.
  • State Housing Strategy framework – systemic insights informing opportunities for an integrated housing strategy that is co-owned and lead across sectorboundaries in the housing system.

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Creating housing and neighbourhoods built and designed for liveability, connection and wellbeing as we age. Our priorities include:

  • Growing community – re-engineering and articulating stronger models for “community” with local governments and community developers to deliver the benefits of diversity, neighbourliness and amenity
  • Housing options with amenity and community connection – modelling different housing options that suit needs of older people which are embedded into an integrated diverse community


  • Walk up Flats– an insight into creating better and more integrated communities of support for lower income people in existing older social housing (South Australia).
  • Liveable Communities– multi-year innovation challenge designing and testing solutions that support ageing in place
  • Creating Better Neighbourhoods– once off innovation challenge and accelerator designing and testing solutions that create connected communities where older people can thrive.

Co-Living and Co-care

Creating models of co-living and care that are sustainabile and that the wider population embrace. Our priorities include:

  • Shared living – finding ways to improve models that achieve greater scale and uptake for older people seeking to reduce and share living costs and build community connections
  • Peer to Peer care – combining shared living with models of care, allowing individuals to live longer in the community
  • Achieving ‘Home’ in Aged care – models that provide self determination and increased control around how older people live in higher care needs environments
  • Community based care – increased options, particularly in regional communities, for non-related people to have more support options to be cared for “in home”


  • Weavers – a community based care network that provides support from peers for carers of older people and people with a disability. Read about our Weavers program here.
  • Shared Lives – a highly successful model spreading in the UK that we are seeking to adapt to and demonstrate within Australian caring standards and requirements.
  • Our Place – adaptation and demonstration of homesharing for older single women

Rental security

Create a rental market that emphasises security of tenure, supports self-determination and provides physical and financial sustainability. Our priorities include:

  • Landlord Coalition – a proactive collective of landlords demonstrating how they translate their investment focus into also supporting “home” outcomes for their tenants and reaping the benefit.
  • Property Management– re-orienting property managers on their role in creating home for their relationship with tenants and the benefit for their business
  • The Role of the Rental Market – awareness of the impact of long term and permanent occupancy of renters in the housing market
  • Transitioning into private rental – investigating what prevents people in social housing being able to transition into private rental to increase access to social housing


  • Reliable Rentals – design and testing of new rental policy with older renters, landlords and property managers that aims to increase outcomes for older tenants
  • Landlord Coalition – prototype of a network of landlords demonstrating the benefits of treating their investment as a “home” for their tenants

Adaptable Social Housing

Create a social housing system that adapts to the changing needs of our ageing population, is accessible and supports people to age in place. Our priorities include:

  • Integration of support services – improved responsiveness and integration of support services fundamental to ageing well in place, including an individual’s capacity to connect with their neighbours in social housing complexes
  • Rightsizing –  new social housing development designed for ageing in place