Big Change? The place of place.


In an increasingly globalised world, what’s the role of local place in building the futures we want to see?

Around the world there’s an emergent set of approaches that are being applied to a diversity of systemic issues – from reducing knife crime, to ensuring a future for fish.

These initiatives are rarely led by government – always bring together diverse organisations and are often based in place – activating local networks in new ways. These practices may point to a new way of creating ’big change’ – or they may be a lot of hot air.

TACSI have been giving ‘big change’ a red hot go in Australia –  to reduce unemployment, to give kids a great start, to reduce recidivism,  to address Aboriginal over representation in the justice system, to build economic futures for towns and to rethink how we live as we age.

In this session, Dr Ingrid Burkett, (Director of Systems Innovation) and Chris Vanstone (Chief Innovation Officer) will discuss what it takes to make ‘big change’ happen.

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