13th March, Dr Ingrid Burkett: The future of innovation is social – and public.

Each year Queensland Government’s internal public sector innovation network known as BiiG (Business Improvement and Innovation in Government) deliver a program of events designed to expose public sector leaders to contemporary thought leadership to assist them in developing their own organisation’s innovation capabilities.

Dr Ingrid Burkett will be live streaming her workshop at the Regional innovation festival. View it here.

Social innovation is about how we tackle some of our most challenging local and national issues – our ageing population, pockets of entrenched disadvantage, how we create economic growth that is inclusive, and how we ensure that we build a future where all Australians can thrive.  And the public sector lies at the heart of this innovation agenda.

Ingrid will use practical examples from TACSIs work in all of these spaces to demonstrate how the public sector is intimately connected to social innovation, and to unpack both the challenges and opportunities this presents for government at all levels.

She will argue that social innovation is about more than designing innovative services and responses to social issues – it is just as much about designing innovative ways to fund and invest in those responses, and about how to engage both citizens and commercial investors in the process.

North Queensland live stream.

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23rd March – Kerry Jones – PIA SA State Planning Conference

Collective Dreaming: Five Hunches for the Future of Housing.

Going beyond the normal responses of increased supply and traditional home ownership, hear how The Australian Centre for Innovation is re-imagining how we live, particularly as we age, and what that means for planning and building our future cities.

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