Family fun run!

Family by Family – continuing to co-design in implementation through a new Kids Focused lead

Since starting as Kids Focus coach in February, I have been working hard on how we can more actively engage older kids in Family by Family through a framework we co-designed with Family by Family kids that focuses on kids; as leaders; as role models; feeling safe and secure; and making a positive contribution. Through part of the testing of the framework, the older kids suggested that their ultimate Family by Family school holiday family event would be a ‘colour run’.

Working with a group of older children, we set about trying to making the dream event a reality through holding a ‘Mini Colour Event’, inviting families to come along and run skip, jump, hop or walk their way through a colour powder course.

We had an awesome turn out with approximately 120 people in attendance from across all of our SA sites – of both Sharing and Seeking families. It has been dubbed by many families – and kids – as the ‘best Family by Family event ever’. We saw parents and their children interact and share a different way of doing family with each other, helping keep the kids voice alive in ensuring the event was child led in all facets. It was great to see a key group of Sharing Family older kids coordinate to make signs, thank you cards and hold key roles including, the Master of Ceremonies, event DJ and giving some heart felt insights from their speeches on the day. It was great to see this group of kids demonstrate their ability and desire to be great leaders! Thanks to Rhyland, Lucas, Kai and Alec for their extra effort in coordinating, leading and being great role models in the event too.

The event also fostered some new friendships across the child and parent Sharing and Family groups through joint fun making! It’s great to see community connections made and strengthened through these events.

Whilst the event was a great success, for many the additional highlight was getting to meet Wayne Milera from the Adelaide Crows, who both opened the event and then joined in the fund of the event. [see a picture below] It was great to see Wayne join in the fund and spend his time with everyone throughout the day – a great role model for all.

Special thanks to Officeworks Parafield Gardens, who also fundraised to make the event happen, along with continued funding from the South Australian Government.

Written by Emma Johnston, Kids Focused Coach, Family by Family