Our Place program now prototyping in the Illawarra

A new home sharing service that aims to improve the quality of life for women aged 55 and over is about to be prototyped in the Wollongong area.

Ongoing research and insights from home share models globally have informed this prototype currently being trialled by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI).  This prototype is one of many solutions designed by TACSI that is looking at addressing frightening statistics around women over 50 whose living circumstances have changed and may be socially isolated.

The Our Place program, designed with older women in mind is essentially an arrangement by which two or more unrelated people share a dwelling, within which each person retains a private space. Homeshare also is reviewing what it takes to enable a better quality of life as we age.

TACSI Principal for Redesigning Ageing, Kerry Jones said “We know that women who are facing challenges around the security of their living and financial situations are doing so because of the critical role they play around our community. 

Rearing children, caring for loved ones and part time employment, which is common amongst women, means that they may not have the financial and housing supports in place as they age.

This home sharing model is about finding a way to address these issues women face that allows sharing, but in a way that women feel empowered around their future and security as they grow older”.

IRT Group is participating in this research with TACSI, with the aim of supporting the development of the Homeshare service.

Homeshare is currently only being trialled in Wollongong at this stage, with an aim for more areas to be trialled as the prototyping process continues.