Ingrid Burkett (Dr)

Director Learning and Systems Innovation

Dr Ingrid Burkett is a multi-disciplinary team in one body. With two decades of experience in leading systems innovation in Australia and internationally she brings to TACSI a determination and passion to create better outcomes in social systems. Drawing together a background in design, social science, community development, economics and business, Ingrid is also an award-winning teacher, who aims not only to contribute to creating change, but to make sure we learn in the process.

Ingrid has worked across all three sectors, started and run three successful social businesses, designed and developed internationally recognised place-based initiatives, and written about social innovation in works that have been translated into a dozen languages.

At TACSI Ingrid leads our systems innovation work, which stretches from changing the ways we approach place-based disadvantage, to developing ways we can scale and spread better social innovation practice, and how we might change systems by changing the way we fund and commission social outcomes.  Over the last two decades Ingrid has learnt that real systems change will only happen when we are able to bring together passion, tenacity, curiosity and rigour – it is not for the feint-hearted!