Lead: Our Town

Lead: Our Town

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Anthropology; Masters in International Development

At TACSI, Kate leads the Our Town initiative, which supports leaders in a number of South Australian towns who want to improve mental health in their community. Her job is to do anything within her power to help them work out how to improve the mental health in their community. She’ll be co designing support around what they tell us would be useful  co designing a package of support with them..

Committed to disrupting inequality and discrimination, Kate is passionate about raising the voices of those that often go unheard, and building influential coalitions for systems change. A dynamo collaborator, Kate’s superpower is working with diverse groups of leaders and helping them come to an agreement about the change they want for their communities through data, evidence and insights from local people.

For her, the best part about working at TACSI is the opportunity to work with local communities who are bravely setting out to change things for the better. She also loves collaborating with the TACSI team, who she calls ‘intelligent, committed and creative’.

Outside work, Kate’s cares deeply about printmaking, plants, climate change, forests, Asian food, learning from other cultures, and how we can be better to each other and the planet.