Senior Social Innovator: Service Design

Michelle Miller

Senior Social Innovator: Service Design

Michelle’s focus is supporting people grappling with systemic issues within complex social challenges to co-design a way forward.

Left- and right-brained, creative, strategic and pragmatic, Michelle offers a unique combination of innovation, organisational transformation, leadership, systems thinking and design experience.

She has more than 15 years of experience helping people collaborate to create a pathway to their future by developing strategies, systemic changes and innovative service ideas, building design capability, and facilitating strategic conversations.

She equips teams to develop forward-looking, courageous and purpose-driven solutions. She has worked with diverse sectors and industries, including government, NGOs, telecommunications, infrastructure, media, insurance, consumer products, academia and charities.

Michelle is particularly passionate about using design to help public policy and social services deliver on their intentions, so that they meet the needs of the people they seek to serve.


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