Pablo Gonzalez

Senior Social Innovator

Pablo arrived in Australia to find new pathways to combine social work with data analysis, economics with community growth and beaches with cool sunsets. Adelaide was the geographic location and TACSI is the place where he explores what social innovation can do to combine rare ingredients from diverse fields.

He currently holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management and a growing fixation in pop culture. This background has led him to work in various areas, from improving access to financial services in Mexico to starting his own venture to measure social impact in Australia. Some of the projects he has deeply enjoyed over the past few years include understanding what livability means, exploring what are the systemic causes of intergenerational disadvantage and forecasting impact of programs designed for kids.

In his spare time, Pablo co-hosts a social innovation podcast (in Spanish) where he enjoys speaking out and reflecting on economics, cultural differences, and design thinking. He also enjoys watching and sharing videos in any format and learning new trends in management, policy, and governance.

Willing to collaborate to transform systems and rebuild ways of thinking, Pablo joined TACSI to grasp the opportunity to change the world.