Social Innovator

Rhianna Dean

Senior Social Innovator

Rhianna has worked in the community development and social economy sectors for the past 15 years, particularly in social enterprise, regional development and indigenous affairs. She has managed a diversity of projects across public health, child rights, education, economic participation and environmental sustainability.

Rhianna is, at heart, a host. She embeds human-centred design and the values of hospitality into all of her work. Rhianna is skilled in developing people’s comfort and confidence to become active participants in the discovery, design and delivery of solutions.

Rhianna’s extensive experience working in remote and regional communities is a particular strength of hers, enabling strong engagement with people in these settings. Recently, Rhianna has worked closely with diverse communities living in social housing; learning about the lived experiences of housing stress, homelessness, domestic violence and out of home care can inform improvements to social housing design and outcomes.

Rhianna has a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact, a Master of Science (Sustainability Science) and a Bachelor of Arts.