Redesigning Ageing

We want to ensure we can all live well as we age, by rethinking our systems, services and mindsets.

Everyone needs purpose and meaning, but society isn’t making this easy for older people. We are working with ageing adults and progressive organisations to change mindsets, policy and services so people can get the most from their longer lives.


Systems Change Incubator

For the past three years, we’ve been exploring the changing role of home and housing within Australia.

Supported by the JO and JR Wicking Trust, we’re running an incubator for ‘home’ solutions that enable people to live and age well. Solutions will span across across renting, ownership, social housing, co-living and housing precincts.

Mindset for Life

Many older people leave the workforce without the opportunity to plan ahead or identify the skills and knowledge they will need to create a vibrant, purposeful life without work as the backbone.

We’re in the trial phase of ‘Mindset of Life’, a personal development toolkit and learning approach for older people to build innovation and life skills to plan and design the next stage of their lives.

Policy Prototyping

We know that parts of current tenancy law can act as barriers towards older people being able to age well in private rentals.

We identified, designed and tested twelve policy changes to promote reliable rentals alongside older renters, landlords, property managers and policy advisors. We’re now extending the work beyond South Australia.