Redesigning Ageing

Our homes play a fundamental role in our wellbeing. However, growing numbers of older people are entering retirement with rental uncertainty or mortgage stress. We believe we can improve wellbeing for older people and reinvent how we live for Australians of all ages if we:

  • Enable security of tenure and control of space
  • Design for connectedness, wellbeing and adaptability
  • Adopt and adapt co-living models

Following five years of research and development with older people we are now seeking the following partners to join our housing incubator.  We’re seeking partners to:

  • Share their stories of innovation to redesign ageing – from practice to policy, services to systems.
  • Put these insights into action
  • Join a movement to influence broader change

This work has been generously funded by the JO and JR Wicking Trust.


Control of tenure and space

We believe that secure tenure and the ability to make your space your own are key to enabling the benefits of home. We heard this loud and clear from our research with older people living across Australia.

We’ve been prototyping new kinds of financial products to make home ownership a more realistic option for people typically rejected for finance. We’ve worked with tenants, landlords, property managers and government to prototype a new version of the Residential Tenancy Act that would facilitate better outcomes for older people and landlords.

Designing for wellbeing

We believe that social housing, private housing and urban precincts should be purposefully designed to increase social connectedness, promote wellbeing and adapt as people’s needs change with age.

In South Australia we’ve been facilitating co-design between older tenants and government agencies to shape the design of next generation public housing, including public housing with a focus on meeting the needs and preferences of older women.

Adapting co-living

We believe that we can achieve better outcomes by developing new norms for how, where and with whom we live as we age. We’re exploring how to adapt co-living, co-housing and near-living models to work for older people in a mainstream Australian context.

We’re working to bring Shared Lives, a successful model of shared living for people living with care needs, to Australia  – turning households into places of care and community connection as an alternative to residential aged care.