Developing community responses to mental health support

About the Community Responders project

Mental health crisis affects us all. We want to work alongside young people and communities to research, design and learn from community-led approaches to mental health support, that will increase mental wellbeing, and in turn, reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) works with communities to develop, test and spread solutions to challenges. We know that the best changes and solutions come from the people who face the very challenges we’re trying to solve: in this instance the people who have experienced mental illness first hand.

We also believe that young people have the right, power, capacity and creativity to play a key role in solving these kinds of challenges. We want to design ways to rigorously support them so that they can take a lead, build skills, and have influence, in making a difference where it matters most to them.

To do this, TACSI will work in two locations to develop a capability building process to support young people to take on roles as Insight Gatherers. An Insight Gatherer leads research within their natural networks, trained and supported by our team, partners, and each other.

Alongside, we will also be forming a Co-design Group (in each location) who will take part in a series of workshops, bringing together diverse people and perspectives in a collaborative process to explore these insights, ideas and opportunities and make decisions around future directions.

Download the Community Responders Plan

Activities planned (in Adelaide)

Activities planned for young people  in July – October:

  • Readiness, support and Mental Health First Aid
  • Social innovation training
  • Insight gathering fieldwork
  • Analysis jams
  • Storytelling