Homes from above

Future of home

Our society needs to reimagine the future of how we age and live, there is a real opportunity for change now

Kerry Jones, Director: Systems Initiatives

Redesigning how we live as we age

With the number of people over 65 set to double in Australia over the next 30 years, there has never been a more crucial time for an integrated approach to how we live our best lives as we age.

Importance of home as we age

People as they age have shown us what is important in the way they want to live. Beyond the bricks and mortar home acts as an asset, gateway and expression. Use this unique lens for ageing well to measure the success of your solutions.

What we’ve learned

Great innovation comes from testing what works. Experiments underway are modelling better policy, support and services for home as we age.

Partnering with us

Change needs passionate and committed people acting together for better outcomes. TACSI is actively seeking partners to create new business models, integrated policy and community led solutions.

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