Home for Good

For over 7 years TACSI has immersed itself in research with older people to understand what it takes to age well in Australia and have come to understand that home plays a critical role in this.

Funded by JR and JO Wicking we have partnered with older people, SA Health, SA Housing Authority and IRT (NSW) to tackle what a good home really means to people, and apply this to policy.

How we age will continue to be a priority and the importance of home will be pivotal to our health as we age. Now more than ever is this highlighted in our current situation. We believe this has surfaced the deep challenges we face but also opportunities that we can build on.

Nationally, there are policy shifts that need to happen to build on these opportunities. Because of the importance of this we have partnered with Per Capita to take our 7 years of applied social innovation work and start shaping what some of our national policy responses could be.

This is an important partnership that has combined the strengths of social innovation with those of policy development to really start to imagine the shifts we can take now to change the way we live as we age.

The work before COVID 19 was critical and in our current situation it’s even more so. Our world is shifting and changing and what we’ve learnt will guide us to work harder with and for our most vulnerable communities. Creating the future we can aspire to is even more important now and we believe that through community and partnerships and shifts in policy and funding that we can create a powerful new vision of ageing and the future of home.