Aunty Vickey Charles

Social Innovator: Families and Cultural Connections

Aunty Vickey Charles is originally from Alawa/Mara nation but grew up in Adelaide from the age of 18 months.
She has worked significantly across her life to tell the story and raise awareness of Aboriginal Australia through her work in the Not for Profit, Non Government sector.

Aunty Vickey has worked with young Aboriginal children under the Guardianship Of the Minister to help them see their Aboriginal story as meaningful, while advocating to systems to consider the context of their families in light of the historical systemic background of Aboriginal Australia.

Vickey has a passion to see both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal workers across the community service sector receive accurate training and has helped inform Reconciliation Action Plans at all of her work places.

While working for TACSI Aunty Vickey has significantly contributed to both the Family by Family program as well as the Weavers program both through direct liaison with families as well as up skilling colleagues to be more culturally competent.