Senior Social innovator

Brugh O’Brien

Principal: Future of Home

It’s ironic we’re still often forced to ask ourselves why the latest ’answer’ or ’solution’ failed to live-up to its expectations, when the important decisions continue to be made by people completely removed from the context.

With a passion for social justice, Brugh believes in working with people and communities, enabling their voices and lived experience to be placed front and centre when designing measures intended to improve their lives.

Key influences of his include sociological, empowerment and trauma-informed perspectives, but a history in market and social research enable him to bring a strong strategic business lens to his work.

Brugh’s an experienced practitioner in the development of policy, services, communications, strategy, products, brands, web and mobile across government, for-purpose and commercial contexts. He’s also previously worked in the delivery of frontline services in education, counselling, forensic mental health and international development. His educational backgrounds are in psychology and social work.