Chief Innovation Officer

Chris Vanstone

Chief Innovation Officer

Chris has over 18 years of experience working in commercial and social innovation in Europe and Australia. He started his career designing biscuits and razors before specialising in innovation for social purpose.

At the UK Design Council he helped develop the Double Diamond Model – one of the most common representation of a design process in use today. He was a founding member of both the UK Design Council’s RED Unit and Participle – who’s pioneering experiments using design to tackle social policy problems are chronicled in the book Radical Help by Hillary Cottam.

In Australia and at TACSI, Chris co-founded the Radical Redesign team and co-led the creation of solutions Family by Family and Weavers, both winners of Australian International Design Awards.

As Chief Innovation Officer his role is to ensure that TACSI keeps experimenting with approaches and interventions that will define our future social systems.

Chris regularly writes, teaches and talks about design and social innovation.

Some of Chris’ key achievements at TACSI have been:

  • Leading the design of TACSI’s award winning peer-to-peer models, Family by Family and Weavers.
  • Supporting the growth of TACSI’s innovation team and strategy
  • Designing and presenting on Future Family Systems to disrupt intergenerational cycles of disadvantage and reliance on social services.
  • Supporting the design and development of social innovation teams, labs and strategies including the South Australian Public Sector Innovation Lab, CITRA UNDP social innovation lab in Sri Lanka and the Australian Volunteers Program for DFAT and AVI.
  • Co-authoring Big Change, TACSI’s reflections on our place-based and systems change work.

Publications include:

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