Social Innovator

Euan Black

Senior Social Innovator

Euan is fascinated by people, what they create and why.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Design Honours degree in Graphic Design he quickly realised the important role of design in telling compelling stories and building culture and relationships. 13 years of working internationally – 7 years in his own consultancy – have exposed Euan to an incredible range of experiences and sectors. Focussed on assisting organisations to understand, shape and interpret themselves he has delivered services – including human-centred design, corporate and employer branding, communications and strategic organisational development – for a diverse clientele spanning Health Care, Infrastructure, Finance, Research, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Start-Ups.

Outside work Euan sits on the board and actively assists in the coordination of Short Back And Sidewalks a charity providing hair cuts to those affected by homelessness. He is committed to personal and professional development and actively engages in both through psychotherapy, reading and seeking real-world learning opportunities. As an avid typographer and melomaniac nothing frustrates Euan more than badly kerned type, especially on an album cover.

Recent projects

  • Organisation Development – design and implementation of connected company infrastructure to better support social innovation work at TACSI.
  • Education – developing practise models in the engagement of students in the educational environment.
  • Philanthropy – stakeholder engagement and response to the use of ‘theory of change’ in grant application processes and grant-making.
  • Health – Understanding the health priorities and needs in South Australia to inform more impactful grant-making.


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