Principal: Ageing, Disability and Partnerships

Kerry Jones

Director: Systems Initiatives

Kerry leads TACSI’s work to transform our experience of ageing. She brings to the work of social innovation over 20 years’ experience in the field of disability in roles from direct service delivery, to new service development, to leading and growing a business, to informing and shaping federal policy. She is also a GLF2010 graduate.

What drives Kerry is a belief we all deserve to live a life of purpose, passion and deep connection.

At TACSI she started by leading the development of Weavers  a peer to peer model of support for family carers from a prototype to an open-sourced model, now operating in six locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last 5 years she has lead  ‘The Innovation Age/Future of Home’  a multi-year systems initiative with many stakeholders including Older Australians, organisations and policy makers to re-imagine the services, enterprises and policies that support all Australians to age well. This has included redefining the role of home and designing and testing new solutions that will change the way we live as we age. Through this work, Kerry has designed and led participatory approaches with more than 300 older adults.

Kerry also leads a systems network project ‘Systemic Impact in End of Life’ engaging a diverse range of stakeholders across multiple systems around end of life to identify the opportunities for change that will enable better end of life experiences for older Australians and their families. Kerry and team are currently leading the development of systemic impact networks across Australia,

Kerry is a mum of very active twin boys who help ensure weekends are filled with play and laughter.

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